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A Color Scheme

for the

Miniature Western Stick

#1 Roof
317 gray
Roof shading; windows
3799 dark charcoal
#2 Body color
… pale (Also includes window sash.) . 3743 pale violet
… light (Shading under roof eaves and under the bay window eaves; along side of bay window.)

3042 light violet
… medium (Wide band of vertical molding at second floor level; "." Symbol alongside door; panels above the 3 upstairs windows.) . 3041 medium violet
… dark (Above door and on wide band of vertical molding alongside of bay window.)
3740 dark violet
#3 Trim Color (Includes all moldings, i.e. single rows that run horizontally and vertically; gable edges; porch and railing.) . 000 white
#4 Accent Colors
… medium (Square, rectangular, and triangular appliques; rays in gables; row of "spindles" in porch gable; porch column bands and door.) . 3046 medium gold
… dark (Door panels) . 3045 dark gold
#5 Window Curtain and Porch Floor
928 light blue gray
Steps (Three.) . 927 med. blue gray

NOTE: The portion of the window above the doorway that is behind the railing should be completed like the bay window to the right. Balcony posts are white.

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