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A Color Scheme

for the

Miniature Second Empire

#1 Roof
317 gray
Roof shading; windows
3799 dark charcoal
#2 Body color
… pale (Right side of bay window.) . 504 pale green
… light (Body; sash on dormers; band trim on posts; center section of bay window.) . 503 light green
… medium (Left side of bay window) . 502 medium green
… dark (Under eaves and bay window eaves; 5 stitches only above door; left of bay and left of entryway.)

500 dark green
#3 Trim Color (Dormers; eaves; all horizontal moldings; porch.)
… light (Right side of bay window.) . 746 light yellow
… medium (All trim except shaded stitches.) . 3047 light old gold
… dark (Left side of bay window; dormer shading; dentil shading on porch.)
3045 dark old gold
#4 Accent Color (Cornice brackets; panels on bay window; entire door. Top edge of door may be missing on your chart. Sorry!) . 3721 deep red
#5 Window Curtains; Steps
3072 light gray
Porch Floor (Under door.)
317 gray

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